C.U. Secure Referral Program








What Is It?

The CU Secure Referral Program has been organized to provide effective General  Insurance information and service to Credit Union members and the general public.

Credit Union Representatives can provide information on excellent General Insurance Products and Services for their members and associates by contacting BCLIBL.

BCLIBL recognizes Credit Union Representatives for their efforts in promoting the products of BCLIBL. 



Who Benefits?

The CU Secure programme is beneficial to:

·         Your Members

·         Great Products and Services

·         Lower Premiums


Y · ·         You The Credit Union Representative

      ·        Appreciation & Recognition




How does it work?

Credit Union Representatives will tell their members about the BCLIBL and the array of General Insurance products offered.

The Credit Union Representative will give the member a Discount card for BCLIBL.

Once the member purchases any General Insurance Product from BCLIBL, the Credit Union

Representative will be eligible for quarterly recognition from BCLIBL.

Credit Union Representatives can also contact BCLIBL on behalf of members to obtain General

Insurance quotations.

BCLIBL will host quarterly recognition events to celebrate the efforts of Credit Union Representatives.


















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